Your Web Hosting Provider Is Owned By Who?

The world of web hosting always has its fair share of confusion, fed up customers, new hosting providers big and small and everything in between.

Quite often, well all of the time actually, theres usually a few threads across the web hosting and webmaster forums giving out warnings to others about bad experiences.

Naturally for most people they will take heed and avoid the bad web hosts and go looking elsewhere, often on recommendation by others or by doing plenty of homework on a new provider before signing up with them.

Though what some people dont instantly give thought to, is that a number of web hosting providers might be owned by a larger parent company.

Sometimes there are companies that will either start up a few web hosting companies or might gradually buy up a few over time, and if you’re not aware of this you might be signing up with a new web hosting provider that is owned by the same people of the one that you are choosing to leave.

You might wonder how this wont be obvious if for example one seems to have a good repuation while the other doesn’t, but its not unheard of for all types of companies to provide great service in one area of their business and quite poor service in another.

It can be quite easy to find out if this is the case with a bit of research on the provider, if they are large and established there can often be a lot of information about them online and usually someone has already announced who owns what.
It can help you to make better decisions once you know who you are becoming a customer of.

Keeping Your Web Hosting Account Tidy

If you have hosted more than one website at your hosting account in the past or currently host a few and have been using the same account for a while, theres a chance that you might have stopped running some of the sites that you had hosted there.

Its quite common and not all projects take off well, quite often you find that you simply dont have the time available to run all of your sites and end up dropping a few over time, possibly the ones that had the least amount of time put into them so the loss is minimal.

Depending on the type of sites that you have had setup and the type of hosting that you have been using, there can be “leftovers” at your hosting account once you have taken a website offline.

Some of these leftovers can be mysql databases, email accounts and add-on domains and folders.

What happens is you might delete the website files from the folder that they were in at your hosting account but removed nothing else, and while you might not of been in a hurry to go in and check at the time of removal to see what else needed to be removed it then becomes one of those jobs that you promise yourself to get done later.

As time passes though, you might find that these leftovers are still in place but with just a few minutes of your time and making sure that you dont delete anything thats currently used, you can get your hosting account in good order and be rid of all of those unused bits and bobs.

First go into the database section and remove any unused databases, be careful, dont rush this as you dont want to go deleting a currently used database, while you’re there you can delete the user accounts for any databases that you will be deleting, again dont rush this part, make sure that you’re only removing what you no longer use.

Next you can go to the email accounts section of the control panel and delete any no longer needed email accounts that you might have set up for a site in the past.

If your site(s) were setup as add-on domains then you can go into that section of the control panel and remove any unused add-on domains.

Also its worth going into the ftp section of your hosting account control panel and deleting any unused ftp accounts in there, throughout this whole process just be careful that you dont accidentally delete anything that you currently need and use.

As a precaution you can take a full backup and backup your databases before starting any of this.

One last thing that you can do is to login through ftp and delete the folder for any individual site that you no longer use, even though it will be empty or nearly empty if you deleted the files in the folder some time ago, its still worth deleting the folder itself as you no longer need it.

And there you have it, once completed you not only have a more tidy hosting account, both within the control panel and while connected through ftp, but you can also see what you are actually using, from your addon-domains to your mysql (or other) databases.